Who we are


Art Factory’s Open Door policy is different from other art schools. 

Our students' creative potential does not depend on their past elsewhere, but on their future with us;

Our Mission 

Intellectual community to promote the formation and development of the Arts through the development of educational programs.


  • Free, creative, innovative teaching methods and curriculum implementation. 
  • Appropriate environment for intellectual development. 
  • Professionally-minded specialists. 
  • To support further development of graduates. 
  • Cooperation with partner schools and companies.

We are the first professional school, a specialized place to study for a career in Art, Architecture, Design, Film Making or Communications. Useful skills and practical principles are taught here.

The skills and principles necessary to get a job and have a career are taught by topnotch professionals who earn a living doing what they teach.


Language of instruction: Georgian English Program Fee:Full year 5900 GEL; You will be given the opportunity to take a separate studios,the fees of the studios you can see in the program catalog; We are looking for: A creative thinker, a creative energetic people;

What we offer: Innovative educational program; Intellectual and creative environment; Professional practitioners of Georgian and foreign lecturers; The development of creative thinking; The ability to find your chapter, profession and employer.What you harvest: Professional Portfolio; Generates ideas;Professional skills and team working skills

Educational Program: Creative Track Duration 1 year 

Certified Professional Development Program

Educational Program Direction: 

  • Architecture and City
  • Communication design